My printed portfolio!

A few months ago I stumbled upon a new provider of printed photobooks: Saal-Digital. Originally German, there were promoting their services to the dutch market. I wanted to print a book with my best pictures for a long time, so as offered for professional photographers I applied for a reduction ticket …

Miss & Mister Pole Gym : Order your pictures now

Early bird discount

I’m happy to announce I’ll be making pictures at Miss & Mister Pole Gym competition end November :-). To get pictures from your act, order them now! You get a 10euro early bird discount by ordering before 20 November.

Don’t forget to reserve your spot!

Please, to avoid disappointment don’t forget to contact me as I won’t be making pictures of everyone. Pricing and booking information at info@pixcel.frmissmisterpolegympromo

Update galleries

New pictures

Between all these events, I also had plenty of photoshoot booked. With the autorization of the models, I added some of my favorites pictures in my galleries. Check them up 🙂




Holidays 2016!

Engaged in Japan

This year in May I traveled to Japan with my dear Patrick, it was a beautiful journey where I he proposed to me at a hotel next to the Mount Fuji. I took a break of photography and just brought my small camera for souvenirs.

Pole Camp in Portugal

In June I left for a pole camp in Portugal organised by a friend having a house there. We visited the country and climbed all the urban poles we found outside for training next to the classes we took there. Here featuring Maryline at the sunset by the sea on a random traffic post ;-).


IPSF Dutch Championship – NK 2016

May 2016

Here we go again for a National Dutch Competition of Pole Dance. Kids from Masters 50+, men and womens, showed althetic performances to the international IPSF jury. It was a pleasure to watch and photograph once more, well done to all participants and the organisation! Congratulation to Belinda for getting the first prize! My selection of pictures is here.

NK Paaldansen 2016

Wedding photography

Something a bit different

When a good friend who happened to be a pole dancer marries and asks to book me as a photographer for her wedding… Well sure I say yes ;-)! After a sweet acrobatic session for the wedding card, I photographed her beautiful wedding with the opening dance as a pole-act with her new husband. Congratulations Loes!

2016-03-kaartloesmike2web 2016-03-kaartloesmikeweb-7



Exposition: Vanilla Sky

Woo-hoo! Look at that!

Simone on a huge print at the Dream & Dare festival at the photo exposition of the University of Eindhoven. How cool! This is me trying to reproduce her jump haha. This picture is from a serie of pictures I made this winter with Simone on dancing. I named it Vanilla Sky.

Fan art!

If this huge publication wasn’t enough, I also got the sweetest fan art sent by Felice, who draw another pictures of Simone from this dancing-serie. Loving it <3!


Underwater pole-dancing

A dream came true.

Really. I wished for so long to take pictures underwater. I bought a pole that could go under water. I found models who would be comfortable under water, found the camera that would allow me to photograph raw underwater without investing in an expensive case for my DLSR, I adapted some flash accessories for them to work underwater thinking through my lighting setup and most importantly I managed thanks to Floortje to book a swimming-pool for a photoshoot.


After a stressful time to get everything at the swimming pool and setting up the lamp just as wished (so much thanks to Patrick for the help), my PADI became handy as I spent the 2 hours with oxygen bottles underwater. Directing the models under and above water is quite a challenge and is very exhausting for all parties. But so much fun and so rewarding. It was a wonderful experience I hope to iterate coming years. Now just enjoying the results because I’m very proud of them, thanks to my models Floortje and Marinka, you worked hard for this!