Photoshoot information

About the photoshoot

2014-11-Kerstfotoshoot-12My focus during a photoshoot is to provide the best pictures and make it a wonderful experience for you. This means I focus on quality instead of quantity. We take time to discuss your needs and capabilities and we will work on a move to get it perfect.

I don’t only focus on a good lighting and pointed toes, but also look with you for interesting variations of the moves & help you work your facial expression.

Before the shoot I’ll ask you to sign a contract. This define what I may or may not do with the pictures, as for yourself. After the shoot, you will receive a selection of the best pictures so you can choose which ones I will process in the digital darkroom to provide you with high quality pictures in digital format.

You always get two digitals versions of the pictures

1 – One for internet to publish it on the web

2 – One for your personal archive that you can also print (high resolution for private shoot or A5 size during photoshoot event)

Preparing for the photoshoot

Here more information to come on how to prepare for your photoshoot.

In a nutshell: Sleep and eat well the day before, then enjoy the day :-)!