Underwater pole-dancing

A dream came true.

Really. I wished for so long to take pictures underwater. I bought a pole that could go under water. I found models who would be comfortable under water, found the camera that would allow me to photograph raw underwater without investing in an expensive case for my DLSR, I adapted some flash accessories for them to work underwater thinking through my lighting setup and most importantly I managed thanks to Floortje to book a swimming-pool for a photoshoot.


After a stressful time to get everything at the swimming pool and setting up the lamp just as wished (so much thanks to Patrick for the help), my PADI became handy as I spent the 2 hours with oxygen bottles underwater. Directing the models under and above water is quite a challenge and is very exhausting for all parties. But so much fun and so rewarding. It was a wonderful experience I hope to iterate coming years. Now just enjoying the results because I’m very proud of them, thanks to my models Floortje and Marinka, you worked hard for this!