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Category : photoshoot

20 Dec 2018

Couple photoshoot

A couple of friend of mine came at the studio last month together. We made familly picture with their young daughter and some more romantic one with the parents only. I love this portrait of them I may share here!

05 Nov 2018

Maternity photoshoot with Jaila

This is my third maternity photoshoot in a year with pole dancers. It this starting to become a new trend and I love it. As a mother myself I know how important it is to have memories of this period. I am alway simpressed on how fit these pregnants ladies are, I’m pretty sure pole dancing really helped them!

16 Aug 2018

Anouk & Fleur came at the studio for a duo photoshoot. How do you like it? I love it!

30 Jul 2018

I had the honor of welcoming Yvonne Smink again at my studio. This time to work on a few special projects with her. Some pictures will only be reveal next year, but for now I will share these:

05 Jul 2018

Joyce is not only a pole dancer, she also has a background in ballet. Well, when you mix that with a maternity shoot, you get this wonderful images of a fit and beautiful mother to be!

30 Apr 2018

Milou & Jennifer came at the studio for a photoshoot together in the pole. Yet again we created great memories of their pole skills and friendship.

16 Mar 2018

Isn’t it amusing that my first photoshoot in the pole after my pregnancy is of a pregnant pole dancer? May I present you the beautiful Rosalynn, super fit in her last month of pregnancy!

20 Jul 2017

Sandra, the owner of Studio Aeris in Utrecht, needed some fresh new pictures of her team for her website. She wanted pictures in the studio but with at least two poles. Well, good thing I have two stages! It was a challenging set but we managed to make great promotional material!

10 Jun 2017

Last month Sandra from Studio Aeris and I organised a photoshoot at her school for her students. It was a succesful event where we made beautiful pictures. Here a selection of my favorite I may share with the world :-)!