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16 Mar 2018

Isn’t it amusing that my first photoshoot in the pole after my pregnancy is of a pregnant pole dancer? May I present you the beautiful Rosalynn, super fit in her last month of pregnancy!

30 Oct 2017

It has been quiet lately in term of photography work. The reason: I was pregnant. My little miracle is born begin october and is the sweetest boy around the block ;-). See you in a few months when I’m back behind the camera!

20 Jul 2017

Sandra, the owner of Studio Aeris in Utrecht, needed some fresh new pictures of her team for her website. She wanted pictures in the studio but with at least two poles. Well, good thing I have two stages! It was a challenging set but we managed to make great promotional material!

30 Jun 2017

Once upon a time… Hanka Venselaar organised, for the second time, Pole Evolution. A beautiful show featuring different school from the Benelux, where every performance is a story following a particular theme, this year, on (fairy) tales. What’s more? She takes it in a beautiful theater of Nijmegen and has a great team for the organisation. It gives a beautiful show, fun and always a pleasure to be the official photographer there :-)!

You can find my selection of pictures here.

10 Jun 2017

Last month Sandra from Studio Aeris and I organised a photoshoot at her school for her students. It was a succesful event where we made beautiful pictures. Here a selection of my favorite I may share with the world :-)! 

28 May 2017

For once I didn’t have much to travel to cover an event as it was happening right in my own city: Eindhoven. SPV Blue is the pole dance student association from the TU/e and they gave their first yearly representation at Dynamo. Great shows, well done girls! Here are the pictures.

10 May 2017

Firelily Competition is another nice competition for all levels and age in the Netherlands in a big sport hall, nicely arranged with a scene for the occasion. The main organisator is a super sweet woman, who put this off during her maternity leave, WOW!  Alas the lighting this year was poorly arranged, with only 2 small pink spots which was terrible for photography. I asked to arranged the light a bit differently and did my best with the conditions. I think the participants were still happy with these memories :-). Check them out here.

16 Apr 2017

A new comer on the dutch Competition scene : ADC Competition, organised by Amanda to promote her new studio. She started big with quite some categories, succesfully!  It was a pleasure to be invited as a photographer. Check out the pictures here.

30 Mar 2017

My favorite pole studio from Utrecht, Studio Aeris, organised another Shownight this year. I didn’t participate as a student this year but did the photography. Check the pictures here.