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20 Mar 2017

This month I had the visit of Jennifer, owner of Jeny’s Pole Dance studio who needed some pictures for her website. Now that her website is online, I may share a picture here as well :).

25 Feb 2017

Loes participated in my yet to unveil photo-project and came at the studio for some more pictures. While I can’t show you the results for the special project, I can show you some extra we shot, having some creative fun with color gel..Do you like this kind of style?

24 Feb 2017

Two years ago I made the pictures for the team of Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam owned by Tatjana van Onna. This year I was invited again to photograph the new members of the team in their new studio. We made beautiful pictures for them and their website!

01 Feb 2017

What a shownight once again at Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam this year, organised by Tatjana van Onna. The show was in a beautiful theater and full of great performances by students and teachers. Really lovely being the official photographer once again. Check out the pictures here.


20 Jan 2017

One of my last guest in the studio last year was Hanka Venselaar, a very taletend Dutch Pole champion. She is not only amazing on the pole but also in the aerial silk and in the aerial cube! She brought this last one at the studio and we had much fun working on some art projects together. Here a small preview…

02 Jan 2017

End last year I had the visit of Noémie from Switzerland at my studio. She received a present for her 27th birthday: a pole and boudoir photoshoot and she wanted to do it with me. What a honor! We made so much beautiful pictures she had enough to fill 2 calendars and I know she will be very happy with them for the years to come. Here a few pictures I may share :).


02 Dec 2016

Check out my selection of the pictures from Miss & Mister Pole Gym 2016 organised at the dutch sea side by Marieke Maas. A lovely competition for all level in a very nice atmosphere & theater. I think I may participate in it once!

12 Nov 2016

My printed portfolio!

A few months ago I stumbled upon a new provider of printed photobooks: Saal-Digital. Originally German, there were promoting their services to the dutch market. I wanted to print a book with my best pictures for a long time, so as offered for professional photographers I applied for a reduction ticket to test their services for myself, the only condition being doing a honest review afterwards. Here it goes :-)! When wanting to print a book there are plenty of choices, […]

20 Oct 2016

Early bird discount

I’m happy to announce I’ll be making pictures at Miss & Mister Pole Gym competition end November :-). To get pictures from your act, order them now! You get a 10euro early bird discount by ordering before 20 November.

Don’t forget to reserve your spot!

Please, to avoid disappointment don’t forget to contact me as I won’t be making pictures of everyone. Pricing and booking information at info@pixcel.frmissmisterpolegympromo