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10 Feb 2016

February 2016 – Paris – Pole Theatre Paris, second edition.

A wonderful competition celebrating the expression of the pole dancers. Organised by Laurence Hilsum and her team from Pole & Dance, I had the honor of photographing these wonderful althetes. I smiled, cried a bit, laughed a lot, and enjoyed this fantastic afternoon of a well organised and very friendly competition! The selection of pictures from the event is available here.



14 Jan 2016

How cool is it to see your work printed?

Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam ordered a huge print of my work for their studio, a beautiful picture of her team. Look at that, me being so proud ;-).


Something completely different…

Graduation of Auckje on pole dancing & Fashion

Auckje is graduating on the Pole Dance and Fashion theme for her business study. She asked me of she could use some of my pictures for the illustration of her thesis. With the correct credit, of course, what a honor! Marinka is the beautiful model on the pictures :-).

PosterAuckje Research Report-FrontPage

25 Dec 2015

Snow and red outfit

For the last shoot of 2015, the girls from Verticale Balance came for a shoot at the studio. We made beautiful pictures in the pole and in the hoop, and obviously we had to make some Christmas related pictures and it was so much fun! Fake snow, red outfit and little kids and grown-up girls celebrating for the camera! Oh oh oh :-)!


Photography by

10 Dec 2015

Men in pole dance.

As a pole dancer, I am in admiration of the amazing athletes of our community. There are not strong women but also men, sometimes playing on the sexy side of pole or doing the most crazy tricks and acrobatics.  One of the best pole dancer in the world – earned world champion titles – and excellent choreographer from Ukraine, Alex Shchunkin is one of these dancer I am so impressed about.

So when he went for a photoshoot at my studio after International Dutch Pole Art, I felt blessed to be able to work with such a talent. I had a plan trying out new techniques like bodyscape and lightpainting but eventually we just went with the flow. Funny enough, he mainly jumped around the studio than did trick in the pole, and I was able to create fantastic images of him.



29 Nov 2015

Last show of the year!

I was invited by Tatjana van Onna to photograph the show night she organised at her studio for her students and teachers to show their skills to their friends and family. Check the album here.

Show Night at PDFA

15 Nov 2015

This month, we welcomed Richard in the studio, the Dutch Champion 2015 of pole dance.

With a great background in gymnastic he has picked up pole quickly and already achieve great things. He is amazing at handstands which always looks great in his routine. Here just my favorite picture from the shoot.

25 Oct 2015

New gallery!

International Dutch Pole Art in october: What an amazing huge show it was…! Almost 200 shows (and participants), during a two days event, organised in 10 categories for national and international title, dancing in a beautiful theatre with international jury. I was sponsoring the event and also the only official photographer. Check my selection of the best pictures here.

30 Sep 2015

New pictures!

I made so much pictures lately, in Marocco during the pole camp, at Fitness Adventure during a photoshoot day for the students, at Pole Dance Factory for new images for the promotion of the school, with Melinda, a french girl who came all the way to Eindhoven for a shoot with me. I really love meeting all this new people and making them look at their best on picture.

So here they are.

I had the hardest time to select my favorite pictures from last month but updated my portfolio with a few of them. Check it out: Portfolio

Photoshoot by at Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam

30 Aug 2015

Poster girl!

One more special project! The sweet little Demi, dutch pole champion 2015 in the kids category, came for a photoshoot at my studio. She dreams of being a circus artist one day, performing for the wonderful Cirque du Soleil. So I worked out her pictures like if she was a real poster girl from a circus show, with a candid kid twist with flowers & colors she loves :-).