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15 Aug 2015

New special project!

During the Pole Camp Marocco I had the chance and honor to work with the talented Cyd Sailor. I wanted to portray her as a “magical girl”, all in white, flying in the sky, however she also really loved the pool and had an amazing red outfit which fitted perfectly with some red organza. We then worked out the “Flying Mermaid” serie, from a sexy red mermaid to a flying girl in the pole. Check out this new special project! Many thanks to Patrick Kaas for helping out with this shoot!

05 Aug 2015

After watching so much competitons, I was so happy to watch Pole Evolution. Just a pole show. No jury. Just dance, stories and lots of creativity.

July 2015, pole dancers from all over the Netherlands, and even a few from Belgium and the USA, performed during an event organised by Hanka Venselaar in a show featuring key moment of human evolution. From the Big Bang to the Future, it was a creative travel through time and a real pleasure to watch & photograph. Have you seen my favorite pictures? 

Beginning of life by NSPV Lasya

30 Jul 2015

Pole dancing in Marocco?! That always suprises people when I speak about it.

In July 2015, I took part in another pole dance camp, but this time in Marocco and not only as a pole dancer but also as an official photographer. It was an amazing experience, meeting so much like-minded people and super-great pole teachers, and really hard work; taking pictures all day long, with shooting almost every morning and evening, but it was completely worth it. Have you seen the pictures yet?Premium Pole Camp Marrakesh

06 Jun 2015

Featuring Chrisjha and Tamma!

Lately, the dutch duo, winners of the dutch championship 2015, went to the studio for a duo photoshoot. These girls are amazingly strong and you can tell they work often with each other. We did some nice acro on the ground shot as well as some duo move in the pole. As they had a nice Kill Bill outfit and I brought the matching sword, we worked out the Kill Bill theme together. It was much fun working with her and I really love the result. They will be soon at the World Championchip to be seen, don’t miss that!

[Edited: They ranked up 6th worldwide! Waw! Well done girls!]

06 May 2015

New pictures <3

I’m so excited to show you my new Aerial Classics Gallery (portfolio). I have selected some of my favorite pictures I have made recently from different photoshoot with lovely clients (and their approval).


30 Apr 2015

Not only a sponsor! wasn’t only an official sponsor of the Dutch Championship 2015, giving away free photoshoot to the winners as well as all of the needed pictures for the flyers, posters, site, programma book, presentation & medails, but also a media-partner. I made picture during the whole event and here is a piece of my selection. Enjoy!


25 Apr 2015

I am not only a photographer.

I am also working in the ICT at the Dutch Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen). So when I spoke about my passions to the right person two weeks before the dutch Championship, suddenly we got the permission to have fun a train. This is how it looked like. Check out the album here.


10 Apr 2015

These girls are such a great duo.

Gaby and Ytsje came last year to my studio to get professional pictures, but also made a few awesome duo moves. Gaby event has her own company Duo Pole Dance Directory and sells a book with inspiration for duo’s pole dancers. The pics obviously will be featured in her book.


06 Apr 2015

Special event coverage!

The pole studio where I often train in Utrecht – Studio Aeris – organised a Show evening where students & teachers could demonstrate their skills in front of friends and family. Thank you Sandra!