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06 Feb 2015

After a visit at Prague, I have been fascinated by the work of Alfonse Mucha and decided to make pictures inspired on his paintings.

A few months later, with the help of my teacher and here model Sandra, I am happy to present you this serie: Aerial Seasons. “Dame Nature” in her aerial hoop, going through the day and the seasons. Check it out in my special projects page here.

28 Jan 2015

Lille, january 2015.

After a pre-selection on video, 20 performers in a beautiful theatre are competing in two categories : artistic & technical. A beautiful show, from Les Verticales organisation with an international jury. Congratz girls it was really a superb show. Check out the pics here.



31 Dec 2014

Do you know where you can find glamour & acrobatics ?

At Burlesque Shows and at the Circus. That’s why I gladly go to these kind of events and sometimes I bring my camera :-)!


21 Nov 2014


Begin october. When the sun is still shining, the leaf are getting orange and brown, and that poling outside is prettier than ever.


21 Nov 2014

All level competition.

We all know too well all these competitions where you can admire the best pole dancers. But what about pole-sport competitions where you can perform by level, starting from beginner? They are not many, and this is one of them, organised by Paaldans Zoetemer.2014-10-SweetLakeCompetition

21 Nov 2014

A dream photoshoot at the sea during sunset?

Well this is what I have been lucky enough to be able to organised in Croatia during the Croatia Pole Camp. It is kind of impossible to not make beautiful images I guess in such a setting.


21 Nov 2014


This september I went to a fantastic pole event: The Croatia Pole Camp, during which I not only pole dance with super pole stars and new friends, but could enjoy a new kind of show: Pole theater.


21 Nov 2014

Super pole girl!

I had the honor to collaborate with our dutch pole champion: Yvonne Smink. She is not only a very strong and dedicated woman, but also a friend of mine, how can’t it be? She is super sweet and passionate. We worked together toward the Lara Croft / Super hero theme, and I have to say I am very happy with the results.


27 Jul 2014

PoleClassic-7I’m happy to announce that all pole-dance galleries are online and up-to-date!

Check out my portfolio! Or do you prefer the cover of the event from the Dutch Championship in 2014 or my very first encounter with pole-dancing at the GNSK in 2012?

See this picture from the Pole-classic gallery? It’s the results of my collaboration with PK-Foto, isn’t his work lovely?

Let me know what you think, here or on Facebook :-).