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Event photography

Partner with a specialised photographer

Looking for a photographer to create beautiful memories of your event for your organisation and your performers?

Consider booking my services as the official photographer to your event!

I have extensive experience in photographying (pole-)dance events like shows and competitions. I work quickly to provide beautiful pictures as soon as possible after the event and propose different type of partnership.


I do not only photograph your event I can also provide licensing rights for images for your posters, flyers and web promotion. I can also propose sponsor packages, for example with (reduction) tickets for a photoshoot, a reducted fee for the photos of the participants or photo’s licensing rights.

Possible partnerships: these are the three main options:

1-Free photography : I come and make the pictures for free* (*travel-rate may apply) at your event, publish a small selection of the best pictures on my Facebook page. Participants can then order extra pictures from me. For big events I may ask people to order their pictures in advance.

2-Licensed photography : Depending on the type & duration of your event, you can buy my services for a fee (starting from 150€ excl BTW). You then get all the best images directly send to your organisation and you can get the licensing rights to use them for your (future) promotion.

However we can think of other type of partnerships. As the conditions are much dependent on the event, if you are interested, please just contact me to discuss with me the terms & conditions :